Axy Dent’s latest recruit!

We are thrilled to announce that Harvey Stevens is now a fully qualified member of the Axy-Dent team! Starting towards the end of 2020, he has been working extremely hard to complete his training and become an exceptional handyman in the world of PDR, keeping up with the world-class standards that Axy-Dent deliver. Under the watchful eye of his own Dad – Stuart – he has managed to not only complete his training quickly but learn the art form efficiently and attentively, making him the perfect addition to the team.

Since starting, Harvey has been travelling around the South-East and repairing dents for a wide variety of clients. This includes car dealerships of varied franchise, whereby he has been completing many dents at a time to get the practise in. 

He has received exceptional reviews so far, with a sales-person at Farnborough Audi stating:

“I rang Axy-Dent extremely last minute! I had a vehicle that was about to be collected by a customer, when I realised there was a dent in the door. Harvey came to the rescue and repaired the dent extremely quickly and completely flawlessly, to the point where I could not remember which side the dent was even on!”

With excellent feedback like that so early on, it is clear that Harvey has exceeded all expectations and is going to be a key asset to the business moving forward.

Stuart and Connor are both thrilled to take Harvey on and expand the team whilst keeping the family-nature of the business alive. Maintaining excellent working relationships is something that Axy-Dent have always taken pride on, and what better way to do so than to hire take your own son on board!

Axy-Dent have often received extremely positive feedback regarding the warmth and friendliness of the team. It is the family-orientated nature of Axy-Dent that so many love, and there is no doubt that all clients – old and new – will welcome Harvey and his brilliant skill with open arms.